Whatsapp Tutorial

After launching the application WhatsApp mobile market, there are many daily messages we shared with our friends, for free and very dynamic.

Today, we can find WhatsApp tutorial to get a better functioning, so that it can also be used in a PC, appear offline to contacts you have, among other features that you know and can do.

Now there are a number of users who have not yet installed this excellent free messaging application and therefore, we do a tutorial WhatsApp so they can start using this platform as used today.

1. First we need to do is have a smartphone, after that, download WhatsApp from the official site or any application store different operating systems on the market.

Two. Register your number and define your status. After you have the application installed, you enter your phone number, so that it remains defined and thus can extract all your contacts in the phone book, immediately change your mood ¨ ¨ status if you are available or whatever you’re doing in that time, so that your contacts may know your status.

Three. Check contacts. Since WhatsApp downloads, your phonebook contacts are added (all those who have that application) and so you can get in touch with your friends.

April. Start Chat. To begin sending and receiving messages, we just have to go to the Chat window ¨ ¨, here we will find all contacts that are available to chat for free.

With this little tutorial WhatsApp we have developed, you will be able to operate this platform that has permeated the users like, how easy it is to use and its interface dynamics going and wrap.

We’ll be writing more about different WhatsApp tutorial, so you can learn more about this application and the different functions that can be done with it.

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