Advantages of Whatsapp

In today’s world where developers of smartphone applications and increasingly powerful, have a great battle in the market, to be the favorite of users. Now, there is a very interesting rivalry in regard to free messaging applications. WhatsApp is currently the leading free messaging app on the market, with impressive figures of about 27 billion messages posted by millions of users using the application. All this has an explanation and that is that the advantages WhatsApp against their closest opponents as Line, Vine are what make it the favorite of all. We will list the main advantages of WhatsApp and why use this application instead of others that are on the market:

• You can send messages at no cost.

• An application that uses very little space in the memory of your Smartphone while consuming very little power, thus having more opportunity to chat with your friends.

• When you download WhatsApp, all contacts from your phonebook to have that application, you can communicate automatically.

Simple interface and very easy to handle.

• You can connect with one or several friends at once via text messages or make instant message conversations

• It is available for all major operating systems market, be it Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, among other devices.

• No need to log off or open, since this application is always running.

• You can add international contacts at no cost. These and many other advantages that you can enjoy WhatsApp to install this application. The competition on the market every day makes this great application is updated and we can provide a safe and dynamic platform.

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